Who We Are

We are a professional financial firm that specializes in the retirement market. We work closely with individuals and businesses to help them organize, protect, and grow their most valued assets.

Where We Focus

We focus in the retirement market with an emphasis on 401(k) and similar products.

How We Work

We ask questions and we listen.

With the information gathered from our questions, we develop a plan and implementation process to assist you in reaching your greatest goals.

Contact Us

We want to be easy to contact.


Toll Free @ 866.645.6700

What Clients Say

  • "When I need help or I have questions on my 401(k) plan, I do not hesitate to contact Sam's offices. They are so easy to talk to and don't talk down to me."
    — M.J. (Austin, TX)
  • "When I sit with Sam's team, I don't always know what to say, but his team is easy and caring and I enjoy learning more about my retirement."
    — M.A. (Houston, TX)
  • "Our people have loved the one on one personal attention they receive from Sam Law Financial. To have such a specialized service for my employees is really comforting as a business owner."
    — A.W. (Ft. Worth, TX)
  • "One on one, face-to-face, twice a year is unheard of. But they are always here as scheduled and we're in Hawaii."
    — C.W. (Kapolei, Hawaii)
  • "The team at Sam Law Financial is so easy to work with. Our people love them and my job is so much easier in regards to our 401(k) plan."
    — S.M. (Dallas, TX)
  • "Our previous advisor saw us one time, the first time we signed papers. We never saw him again in six years. Sam's group has been here more than twice a year and they update me regularly about how our plan is doing. I love their work."
    — P.S. (Lubbock, TX)
  • "Sam Law Financial handles all our 401(k) needs. They are focused on my people. They know how to run a business...take care of people."
    — C.L. (Midland, TX)

A Professional Financial Firm Specializing In Retirement Savings Plans