Who We Are

We are a professional financial firm that specializes in the retirement market. We work closely with individuals and businesses to help them organize, protect, and grow their most valued assets.

Where We Focus

We focus in the retirement market with an emphasis on 401(k) and similar products.

How We Work

We ask questions and we listen.

With the information gathered from our questions, we develop a plan and implementation process to assist you in reaching your greatest goals.

About Sam Law

Sam Law
  • Founded Sam Law Financial in 1998
  • Expanded in 2005 to include Dallas/Ft.Worth area
  • Expanded in 2009 to include Austin and Houston area
  • Sam Law Financial is a high contact advisory firm
  • Sam Law Financial specializes in the 401k market with a value proposition of one-on-one, face-to-face meetings with participants every year
  • Sam Law received B.B.A. in Finance from Texas Tech University
  • Sam has been married to Julie for 30 plus years and they have 3 children

Contact Us

We want to be easy to contact.



A Professional Financial Firm Specializing In Retirement Savings Plans